Something about Rosanna Valentina…

“My favourite thing is that magic makes you present, in the moment. Everything else fades away. The elements of surprise and wonder is delightfully infectious and I have been fortunate enough to make a career out of performing extraordinary magic.”

Outstanding in the field of magic and illusion, Rosanna is a world class performer. Enthralling audiences from various countries, cultures and ages world wide.  Featured in films, functions and many festivals & international events.

Proof that ‘anything is possible’ through dedication, tenacity and good humour, Rosanna forged her way to become one of the few professional female magicians in Australia. 

Hand picked by the Humour Foundation to be a professional ‘Clown Doctor’ a role she devoted herself for over 15yrs from 1998. Rosanna is a highly valued entertainer, distracting & creating heartfelt humour, she worked alongside medical staff, to support children in very difficult times.

“It was profoundly moving work. It was an honour and a privilege to be granted this opportunity to cheer up distressed children, providing much needed, heartfelt comedy relief and beautiful moments for the whole family”

In 2015, Rosanna joined forces with “World Champion of Comedy Magic”, Sam Angelico in the production of  “Illusionaire Magic Show” which ran successfully in Melbourne till 2020.  

“My philosophy is to create joy & wonder for my audiences, through comedy, storytelling and audience participation.  One of my favourite quotes: ‘life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away’ …. for me, it’s creating magical moments, a gift of joy'”

“When I was young I never missed a magic special of ‘David Copperfield’ and ‘Doug Henning’.  I loved how the magic made me believe in the impossible. I wanted to know how it all worked. I developed an insatiable appetite to learn magic that I still have to this day.”

Magician Dave Lord from Brisbane, taught me my very first professional magic effect, he agreed to mentor me. He was a fabulous teacher who took me under his wing & taught me the ropes in magic.  

I’m forever grateful to my mentors. learning new magic effects is still my first love. I feel honoured & privileged to be in a job that I love so wholeheartedly.”

My mentors included award winning magicians: Sam Angelico (Melb), Tim Ellis (Melb), “Dan the Magic Man” Brand(GC), Doc Eason(USA) and Greg Willson (USA), The Valentines (Aus), Mike Van Acker and Phil Cass (Aus). They taught me close up magic, pathos, stage craft & assisted me in developing my own dazzling corporate stage shows and productions.”

It was a natural progression that Rosanna established her own magic school in 2021, inspiring the next generation of up and coming magicians. Teaching students the classics in magic, for the young and young at heart. 

Adding Rosanna Valentina to your next event will insure it’s a great & memorable success!!!

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