Something about Rosanna…

Rosanna is a professional Magician/Illusionist for over 25yrs. Specialising in creating comedy & sensational magic, show is a world class performer & has enchanted her way across the globe. A dynamic performer, Rosanna has featured in many festivals, functions & international event. Rosanna is an inspirational role model, a rare woman indeed, being a magician in her own right.

She’s proof that ‘anything is possible’ through dedication, tenacity and humour. She’s one of 55 specialised performers, hand picked Australia wide by the Humour Foundation as a professional ‘Clown Doctor’ for 15yrs. Here she worked alongside medical staff as an aid to support children in very difficult times, entertaining, distracting & creating humour where no one through possible. She was most effective in cheering up distressed children, providing very funny, yet appropriate & mindful comedy relief for the whole family. Rosanna is a highly skilled entertainer.

She’s now joined forces with “World Champion of Comedy Magic” holder Sam Angelico in the production of  “Illusionaire Magic Show”.

With much in common, both of Sicilian heritage, both shared the same philosophies in magic; to create  ‘joy & wonder’ for an audience through comedy, story-telling and audience engagement.  They’re now performing side by side as two illusionists for 5yrs.

So how does a women get into a career in Magic? Rosanna loved magic when she was young and was regarded as quite a ‘tomboy’ being the middle sibling of two brothers.

She idolised Doug Henning & David Copperfield, never missing their magic specials. She developed an insatiable appetite to learn how things worked.  This led her to learn magic and perform for her family and friends.  

She encounters a master of entertainment – Mike Van Acker;

“He would perform magic for me and I would figure out how he did it. There was no internet at that time, so I couldn’t cheat but I guess I had a lateral thinking mind. He was gobsmacked.   

I asked him to teach me but he wouldn’t. Instead he pointed me to magic books and said “teach yourself”. I guess he wanted to see if I had ‘the drive’, which I did”. Another magician,  owner of Dave Lord “Magic Works” taught me my very first professional magic effects and agreed to become my mentor”. 

“From my very first performance, I started to receive bookings, all through ‘word of mouth’. The phone started to ring off the hook. I’m incessant  in learning new magic effects. I feel honoured & privileged to be in a job that I love with all my heart. 

Her mentors included award winning magicians: Sam Angelico, “Dan the Magic Man” (Brand), Doc Eason, Greg Willson and Tim Ellis. They taught her close up magic & assisted her to develop her own dazzling corporate stage show and productions.

Adding Rosanna to your next event will insure it’s a great success!!!

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